Thursday, January 16, 2014

Training Journal #1 of 2014, 1/16/14

Strength and program update! Took some shots of myself, about 9 weeks in since when I started tracking on the blog (October 28). Here are my findings:

Bodyweight on 10/28/13: 160
Bodyweight on 1/16/13: 161


5 rep "sorta-maxes": 10/28-1/16
-Back Squat: 215-230 *Goal of 2x bodyweight for 5
-Front Squat: 165-180  *Goal of 1.5x bodyweight for 5
-Deadlift: 215-235 *Goal of 2x bodyweight for 5
-Bench Press: N/A (couldn't do it without pain)-140 *Goal of 1.5x bodyweight
-Chin Ups: BW+20-BW+35
-Overhead Presses: N/A (couldn't do it without pain)- 40 *Goal of 1.5x bodyweight

As a whole, pretty solid progress! I was able to incorporate two new exercises (both previously painful to my shoulder and upper back) and have since assimilated them without issue. Between now and then I did a 5x5 routine with marginal gains--too much volume, I have a feeling. And I've been having better  results with 5,3,2! Additionally I've been able to add in some metabolic conditioning work two more days a week, which has been a blast. It's good to move around more often and not feel pain, inflammation and headaches afterwards…whew!

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